JESSIE LIVES (2006-2007)

Lookin' For Friends in all the Wrong Places, 16 min. 30 sec. 

Fake It til you Make It, 17 min. 45 seconds.

Directed by Jason Underhill. Written by Jason Underhill & Roxie Fuller. Cast: Roxie Fuller

This project started in January 2006, when Roxie and I would meet up on Sundays in  Simi Valley (labout 40 miles northwest of Los Angeles, and our hometown) - to shoot scenes and set-piece dialogues about Jessie, a teenage girl left friendless and humiliated, save for a cameraman, as she navigates familiar suburban terrain in search of something thrilling. After a year of filming, two themes emerged from the glut of mostly-improvised footage, and were edited into stand-alone episodes:  Jessie performs a metamorphosis (Lookin' For Friends in all the Wrong Places), and Jessie performs self-possession (Fake it Til You Make It)

Lookin' For Friends in all the Wrong Places was selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries, an annual traveling exhibition of emerging artists in the UK, in 2008.

"How am I supposed to make friends it I'm stupid?"