The (Long and Winding) Road to Margaritaville: Shooting Scripts, 2011; eBook excerpt. 112 pages, paperback. $15 USD; if interested in purchasing, please get in touch with the 'Contact' link.

Paradise Lodge, International Artists Residency, Mumbai/Lonavala, artist's book, 2013. In collaboration with Blue Curry, Merike Estna, Justin Gainan, Emma Hunt, Siddarth Karawal, Chinmoyi Patel, Nibha Sikander, Jason Underhill, Charlotte Warne Thomas.


A COLLECTION OF: Person: Jason Underhill, (2011) Interview with Gilda Davidian)

EMERGING: JASON UNDERHILL. MAP Magazine, Spring 2010. Artist's Profile by Colin Perry.

The Next Generation of YBAs: What Does The Future Hold? The Guardian, July 15, 2009. By Jonathon Jones.

Catherine Yass In Conversation with Four Recent Goldsmiths MFAs, The Guardian, July 15, 2009. By Jonathon Jones.


Rena Kosnett

BrainbowInc. - Harry McGowan & Jimmy Thompson

Roxie Fuller

Leroy Stevens

Ignacio Genzon

Small World MFG

Justin Gainan

Ayana Hampton

Alexis Hudgins

Emma E. Hunt

Zoe Crosher

Victoria Fu

Julie Orser

Chinmoyi Patel

Simone Forti

Gilda Davidian

Trevor Kiernander

Misery Connoisseur

The Box, LA: The Box gallery.

MATERIAL: A Journal edited by Kim Schoen and Ginny Cook, started by artists interested in reading writing by other artists.

Conduire: Sophie Risner's Online Magazine

ArtOffice's The Moving Index: A snapshot of time-based work form around the world

MAP Magazine

Money, Power & Wall Street: 2012 PBS Frontline Documentary

Bloomberg New Contemporaries (Jessie Lives selected, 2008)