In November 2013, I participated in the Paradise Lodge International Artists Residency, organized by Chinmoyi Patel and Emma Hunt, in Mumbai and Lonavala, India. For one month, I lived in a Colonial Bungalow with eight other artists in the Hill Station town of Lonavala, a 3 hour bus ride from Mumbai. The work on this page is selections from projects I made on that trip. 

Participating Artists: Emma Hunt, Chinmoyi Patel, Justin Gainan, Blue Curry, Merike Estna, Nibha Sikander, Charlotte Warne Thomas, Siddarth Kararwal.

INT. CHICKEN STALL - NIGHT, 2013. by Jason Underhill

Running (2013): Camera by Chinmoyi Patel, Merike Estna. Driver: Justin Gainan

Kumar Resort (2013): Camera by Chinmoyi Patel

Train (2013): Camera by Justin Gainan

Slam Book (2013): Camera by Justin Gainan